MechaTronix redefines LED cooling a new era reveals in led lighting
ModuLED Pico smallest spot light LED cooler for 1.800 lumen As an extension to the success of the ModuLED modular LED coolers, MechaTronix developed a new era of passive LED cooling in a diameter of 47 millimeter, named the ModuLED Pico.
IceLED Modular active LED Cooler A revelation in active LED cooling – Ultra silent – Long life – Economical pricing
New Star and Pin Fin LED cooling for Bridgelux ES array Passive cooling solutions with advanced thermal design by forging and extrusion
Thermal Data Available Online Not just Rth values, but all the facts and figures for a perfect design
Functional design with LED Heat Sinks Make your heat sink parts of your LED lighting fixture
LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks approved for Xicato XSM Xicato Inc. approved 6 new versions of Pin Fin Heat Sinks for passive cooling of XSM spot modules
  • LED Pin Fin Coolers Better performance under tilted positioning
  • LED Star Coolers with base plate Easy adaptation to LED modules and optics
  • ModuLED Modular Passive LED Star Coolers
  • IceLED Modular Active LED Star Cooler